Your Peace of Mind

Pampered Pets are licenced by Peterborough City council to board a small number of dogs in our home. All staff are CRB checked, have references and are covered by our insurance. All documentation is available upon request.

Dog Walking

All dogs love to go out for a walk and play.

Sometimes this is not possible due to holidays, work commitment or emergencies. We are here to help you. We will visit your home to take your dog for a walk and play.

Your dog is walked on an individual basis, getting one to one attention from the assigned dog walker.

Once your dog has got to know us, with your permission and in a safe location we can let your dog off its lead.

We offer dog walking on a regular basis or ‘as and when required’, which may be more suitable to someone working shifts.

Pet Sitting - Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Fish, Hamsters, Birds, etc.

The dilemma we all face when going on holiday is how to care for our family pets and livestock.

Many pets find it stressful to be moved to a new environment, or with some pets it is simply impossible to relocate their habitat. We can offer a solution.

Your pets stay in the comfort of your home, with us calling in to feed them once or twice a day, or whatever is required, depending on your pet.

We will clean litter trays, hutches and cages if needed. If your pet likes to play or have cuddles we will do so, but only if they trust and allow us.

You can go away with the peace of mind that your pet is being cared for and is happy!

We also look after farm animals on your smallholding. We have either kept or looked after many kinds of animals including poultry, pigs, sheep and goats. You can go on holiday or away on business and be happy that your animals will be looked after as you would.